Thank you for taking the time to engage with our Faircreek Ridge signs and for following the survey link to learn more about what  “NEIGHBORS”  is all about. Your voice is crucial in this process, and this survey (which will only take a few minutes) is a valuable opportunity for us all to contribute to the community’s growth and improvement.

At Faircreek, we are not interested in being the biggest or best local church in the community.  Instead, we want to be a place that our neighbors feel comfortable engaging with while doing life, regardless of affiliation, participation, or beliefs. At Faircreek, we believe you can belong to a community before you believe.  That is why we are doing this survey!  We want to be a good neighbor with our time, talents, blessings, and gifts.

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Is there a need for added community green space, walking trails, or event space?
How much do you want to know your neighbors better or know what is happening?
If Faircreek Church were to host or facilitate community programming, which ones would interest you?
Would you like to see the results of this survey and receive a follow-up email from us?